1. How to Keep ID Badges and Lanyards Clean

    Keeping ID badges and lanyards clean is of the utmost importance. Not only is it necessary for health concerns but your lanyard reflects your brand name. Keep your brand clean with these helpful tips.

    Steps to clean lanyards

    Step 1

    Give your ID badge and lanyard a rinse with water to get rid of any excess grim. Then prepare a mixture of a neutral detergent and warm water in a container. This mixture will do a lot of the cleaning to make your lanyard look brand new.

    Step 2

    Grab a paper towel and place it below your lanyard. Then get another paper towel and dip it into the detergent solution. Don’t drench the paper towel but get the solution nicely absorbed. Rub and dab the paper towel onto one side of the ID badge and lanyard and clean off any smudges and

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  2. How Safe Are Your Corporate Lanyards?

    Businesses have certainly become more practical and have opted instead to hand out corporate lanyards instead of a company uniform. This way, employees can still be identified and at the same time, they have this multifunctional product which they can use for their IDs, keys, USB drives and even mobile phone. Some companies even color code these printed lanyards in order to distinguish the different departments. How great is that?

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  3. When to Give Away Promo Lanyards

    There is no denying that promotional lanyards are deemed to be a favourite marketing tool by many businesses. The fact they are worn all day long is enough to include them as part of your promo merchandise. Branded lanyards have come a long way from being simple ID or badge holders. They are now popular for a number of uses and have always offered much convenience to the user.

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  4. Promotional Lanyards: Why They Are Still Tradeshow Favourites

    Huge corporate events like tradeshows and expos call for accessories which can help businesses identify their staff from the other attendees. Although shirts and other apparel make sense, it will still not be enough. Good thing branded lanyards are here to help. 

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