Customise Your Lanyards

Lanyards can be rather straightforward and dull. It is, after all, a very simple and utilitarian product that does its function discreetly and simply. However, there are ways to make your lanyard stand out and be something a little bit more special. If you need your lanyards for instances where you know you will get a lot of media attention either on T.V or in photo opportunities in magazines, newspapers and online then it will pay to have a lanyard with your branding and your logo be that much special. Here are some tips and options available to you if you indeed wished to have a lanyard that is a little bit more special.

Print Graphics in Your Pantone Colour

When we brand your logo onto lanyards we can not only merely print your logo in black or white, but we can print using spot colours for smaller runs and for larger runs we can print in full colour CMYK. Either option will give you the opportunity to not only showcase your logo accurately, but it also allows you to brand graphics and images as well.

Your graphics get printed right around the lanyard for maximum visibility and not just in one single location. When designing your lanyard graphics, please keep this in mind. Alternatively just use our design expertise to get the right look for you and your organisation.

Lanyards Delivered In Your Pantone Colour of Choice

lanyards in your colour

Custom Design Your Lanyard

Lanyards have a lot of options, did you know that other than custom branding as well as colour choice for the fabric that you can even choose between short ones and long ones? Other options with lanyards include open ended ones where there is a clip on either side of the lanyard or lanyards which join up together and have one clip on the bottom. It all depends on the use and how you plan to distribute to lanyards. Ask us for more information on creating a custom printed lanyard that is perfect just for you.

Indent or Local Stock

We have locally stocked lanyards available for you for same day delivery. We also have lanyards that can be made via an indent service for you from our overseas lanyard factory. Just speak to us and depending on your needs and how much customisation you require we can select the best option that will meet your event requirements the best.