Lanyard Attachments Options

Our promotional lanyards are an extremely versatile product that can be used around the office, during tradeshows and expos or simply as daily use staff and guest identification devices. In addition to the lanyards themselves, we stock a wide range of lanyard attachments designed to be used in conjunction with the lanyard straps. If you're after a specific attachment that you don't see on our site, please contact our friendly sales team, and we can arrange to source the exact attachment you require.

Plastic Pouches & Wallets For Lanyards

By far our most popular add-on accessory for lanyards, plastic pouch card holders are a fantastic way to secure ID and security cards while still providing strong visibility. These card holders feature standard slots on the top to provide easy attachments with standard J-Hooks or alligator clips. The lanyard pouch options we have available include:

Standard Attachments

Your lanyard comes standard with either a safety Metal Clip or Alligator Clip attachments at no additional cost. You can have an assorted mix of these two if you would prefer, just let us know when you make your order.

j hook attachmentsalligator clip attachment

Optional Attachment Accessories

Add additional functionality to your lanyard with our range of optional accessories. Our range of accessories can be included in your order to enable more functionality to carry additional things such as:

  • Keys
  • Pens
  • Mobile & Smartphones
  • Water Bottles
  • Swipe Cards
  • Identity Cards
  • Flashlights
  • USB Memory Drives

Pricing for each attachment is listed below (excluding GST & priced in Australian dollars):

Lanyard Attachment Options

     100           250           500          1000   

8cm Carabiner

8cm Carabiner Clip

    $0.65     $0.55    $0.50     $0.45

6cm Carabiner Attachment

6Cm Carabiner Clip

    $0.50       $0.45    $0.40     $0.35

mini phone attachment loop

Mini Wire Loop (pens etc)
    $0.20    $0.15    $0.15    $0.10

micro attachment loop

Micro Wire Loop (USB keys etc)

    $0.20    $0.15    $0.15    $0.10

lanyard buckle

Quick Release Buckle

    $0.20    $0.18    $0.15    $0.13

plastic safety hook

Plastic Safety Hook

   $0.05    $0.05    $0.05    $0.05

deluxe attachment

Round Lanyard Clip

   $0.20    $0.18    $0.15    $0.14

 swivel hook

Standard Clip

    $0.25    $0.18    $0.18    $0.18

 oval pouch clip

Oval Standard Clip

    $0.25    $0.18     $0.18    $0.18

 metal buckle

Metal Release Buckle

    $0.25    $0.18     $0.18     $0.18

 retractable badge holders

Retractable badge holder
(custom branding available)

   $1.20    $1.10    $1.00     $1.00

We also carry a range of alternate accessories that can add an element of comfort or safety to your lanyards such as:

  • Safety Breakaways (to prevent choking)
  • Adjuster Beads (to tailor the length of the lanyard)

Safety Options

     100          250          500          1000    

lanyard length adjuster

Lanyard Length Adjuster            

   $0.15    $0.14    $0.14    $0.12

safety breakaway clips

Safety Breakaway

    $0.15    $0.12    $0.12    $0.12

Important Information on Safety Breakaways

We now include safety breakaways as part of each lanyard price in the interests of well-being. We do not sell lanyards without this safety element to ensure wearers aren't caught in an unsafe situation while wearing the lanyard. This is only a small additional cost and ensures your lanyards come with the best accessory of all, peace of mind.

Unsure which lanyard accessories suit your campaign? Feel free to contact our sales team for information and recommendations.