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Promotional Express Lanyards

Express lanyards are ideal for companies needing quick, professional-looking promotional items. Perfect for last-minute events, conferences, or promotional campaigns, these fast-delivery lanyards ensure your business stands out without delay. 

Offering both speed and quality, express printed lanyards are perfect for businesses of all sizes, especially those with tight deadlines. With express printed lanyards, you can achieve immediate brand visibility and make a lasting impression at any corporate function or public event. Choose Planet Lanyard and get the best deals and most affordable prices on custom branded card holders and lanyards.

Custom Branded Express Lanyards: Speedy Solution for Last-Minute Events

Express lanyards provide a swift and efficient solution for businesses needing immediate promotional materials. Designed for quick production and delivery, these lanyards are perfect for last-minute events or urgent branding needs. They offer the same quality and customisation as standard options, ensuring your brand is professionally represented without the wait, making them an ideal choice for fast-paced environments and tight deadlines.

Why Choose Personalised Express Lanyards?

Rapid Production and Delivery

Express lanyards are specifically designed for quick turnaround, ensuring that businesses can receive their promotional items in time for urgent events or meetings.

No Compromise on Quality

Despite the fast production time, express lanyards maintain high-quality materials and printing standards, offering durable and professional-looking products.

Versatile Branding Opportunity

With the ability to feature logos, colours, and text, express lanyards provide a flexible and efficient way to enhance brand visibility in a time-sensitive manner.

Get Branded with Custom Printed Express Lanyards

Elevate your brand presence with personalised express lanyards. Whether you're hosting corporate events, gifting to clients, or outfitting your team, our branded lanyards are a practical and stylish way to showcase your brand. 

Get started today and let us help you leave a lasting impression with our premium custom promotional products. Our services are available throughout Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Darwin.

Contact our sales team today to discuss your requirements and discover how we can create custom products.

3 Products

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