Policy on Returning Lanyards

Our policy on product returns does not override your existing rights as an Australian customer for both personal individual use or as a corporate organisation.

Lanyard & Product Returns that are Acceptable

  • We can only accept returns for undecorated lanyards or accessories


  • We can only accept returns for lanyards or accessories that differ from what was originally ordered


  • products that have either a product fault or are misprinted.

Further Details

  • All claims for lanyard or accessory returns must be communicated to an official representative from our company by either email communication or telephone communication
  • All claims must be made within 7 days upon arrival of the product
  • Returns may take the form of a product replacement or a full product refund
  • Delivery costs incurred in returning the product is not the responsibility of Cheapest Lanyards (Lanyard Planet)

Lanyard & Product Returns that are not Accepted

  • Lanyards that have been custom printed with your graphics or logos cannot be returned unless said product is faulty or misprinted (per above)
  • Returns beyond 7 days will not be accepted
  • Lanyards that have been damaged intentionally or unintentionally by the customer may not be returned.
  • We can guarantee on time dispatch, however we cannot guarantee on time delivery. These products are delivered by 3rd party couriers and are prone to unforseen delays including Traffic conditions and weather. Hence returns on the basis of late delivery cannot be accepted.