Huge corporate events like tradeshows and expos call for accessories which can help businesses identify their staff from the other attendees. Although shirts and other apparel make sense, it will still not be enough. Good thing branded lanyards are here to help.

The Versatile Lanyards

These personalised lanyards offer many functions which is why businesses just love to use them whenever they host or attend a tradeshow. Here are some of them:

  •  For holding items – lanyards come with attachments which can hold  a variety of items including identification cards, badges, USBs, lanyard pens and even mobile phones. As long as the lanyard can hold the weight, you can attach the item! There are many kinds of attachments to choose from including split rings, hooks and clips. For safety purposes, you might want to choose lanyards featuring a release clasp so they can easily be detached if the lanyard is caught on something preventing the wearer from choking.
  • For identification – when you customise your lanyards, you create a look that is uniquely yours which make it easy to pinpoint who your staffs are. It also allows customers and other attendees to do the same as well. For this reason, it is recommend that you choose brightly coloured lanyards designed to make your name or logo stand out or colour combinations which are similar to your company colours.
  • For promoting your brand – lastly, they are among the top marketing tools and you should take advantage of the fact that they are constantly on display throughout the event. They can even be worn after or kept as souvenirs.