There is no denying that promotional lanyards are deemed to be a favourite marketing tool by many businesses. The fact they are worn all day long is enough to include them as part of your promo merchandise. Branded lanyards have come a long way from being simple ID or badge holders. They are now popular for a number of uses and have always offered much convenience to the user.

Handle Custom Printed Lanyards Properly

Considering the above reasons, you can maximise the benefits of these custom lanyards by making sure you hand them out every chance you get. Here are some suggestions:

-          As thank you gifts to customers after a purchase of your product or service

-          Include in your welcoming pack to new employees or staff

-          As tradeshow goody or conference merchandise

-          Corporate giveaway to loyal customers

-          Promo merchandise during product launches

-          Start of a new season i.e. start of school year, opening of a sport season, etcetera

-          Part of an event uniform/monitoring tool

There are many events or occasions which you can use as an excuse to give away these personalised lanyards. The best thing of all is that they are quite affordable so be sure to stock up so that you will never run out the entire year.