1. Promotional Lanyard Attachments: Beyond the Basics

    Summary (TLDR): Promotional lanyards are versatile and useful beyond just holding IDs. You can improve them by choosing the right attachments or accessories, customising them for branding, and considering eco-friendly options.

    Promotional lanyards have long been considered to be basic accessories for securing ID badges and cards in the world of corporate branding. But let's be candid; they've got untapped potential! And the untapped potential we're talking about is the lanyard attachments! Aussie businesses who want to level up their promotional game must explore the potential of lanyard attachments. This nifty promotional item can be made more useful and effective brand ambassadors by making them more user-friendly. So, let's dive in and discover how these little attachments can make a big impact.

    Understanding Common Lanyard Attachment Options

    When it comes

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  2. Lanyards for Every Occasion: Weddings, Parties, and Special Events

    Lanyards might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a big event, but they can actually be incredibly helpful and practical. Whether you're getting married, hosting a party, or organizing a special event, lanyards could just be the finishing touch you need! Here are some reasons why.

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  3. How to Keep ID Badges and Lanyards Clean

    Keeping ID badges and lanyards clean is of the utmost importance. Not only is it necessary for health concerns but your lanyard reflects your brand name. Keep your brand clean with these helpful tips.

    Steps to clean lanyards

    Step 1

    Give your ID badge and lanyard a rinse with water to get rid of any excess grim. Then prepare a mixture of a neutral detergent and warm water in a container. This mixture will do a lot of the cleaning to make your lanyard look brand new.

    Step 2

    Grab a paper towel and place it below your lanyard. Then get another paper towel and dip it into the detergent solution. Don’t drench the paper towel but get the solution nicely absorbed. Rub and dab the paper towel onto one side of the ID badge and lanyard and clean off any smudges and

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  4. Promotional Lanyards for 2022 Conferences

    With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, conferences and events will be coming back in full swing. Get prepared for your next conference with some new promotional lanyards.

    Cheap Woven Lanyards Logo Printed

    Stand out from the crowd at the next conference with these cheap woven logo printed lanyards. These lanyards come in a variety of colours to help get your brand the attention it deserves. The lanyards are great for all events and are an affordable option for businesses. The lanyards also come in 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm sizes, and feature a metal clip to attach to identity cards or other useful things. Get this lanyard today!


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  5. Available Lanyard Accessories

    Lanyards come with a variety of accessories for accessibility and improvement. These can also help promote your brand. Here are our popular lanyard accessories.


    Carabiners are specialised types of hooks that help secure lanyards. These are made from a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate. This is an incredibly safe security clip and is guaranteed to ensure your lanyard stays attached, even with heavier weights.

    Popular carabiner lanyards include: Promotional Carabiner Retractable Badge and Logo

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  6. Branded Lanyards in Bold Colours

    Lanyards are great and simple promotional tools. To maximise your marketing, select lanyards that have bold and vibrant colours, that attract onlooker attention. Here are our favourite branded lanyards in bold colours.

    12mm Slim Bootlace Lanyards

    These thin 12mm slim bootlace lanyards are subtle and sophisticated. They promote your brand without being constantly in your face. This bootlace lanyard comes in a variety of colourways, including, but not limited to, red, orange, green, yellow, navy, and blue. Pick a colour that matches your brand and get optimal promotion!

    Cheap Woven Lanyards Logo Printed

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  7. Quirky Promotional Lanyard Ideas

    Lanyards are an effective marketing tool. But take promotion one step further and get lanyards that are quirky and that will get your brand remembered. Here are our unique promotional lanyard ideas!

    Star Shape Retractable Badge Holders

    Take the unique approach by getting these star shape retractable badge holders. These are just like regular badge holder lanyards but are in the shape of a star! This product is crafted in a way that is unique and will stand out in a crowd. This is an effective way of promoting your brand by turning heads at your next convention or conference. Get this branded today!

    Logo Emblazoned Smart Phone Holder Lanyards

    Why keep your mobile phone in your pocket when you can wear it around your neck. These logo emblazoned smart phone holder lanyards take

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  8. Important Promotional Lanyard Features

    Lanyards are great promotional products with nifty features. These include enhanced security, breakaway for safety, and endless customisability. Here is everything you need to know about lanyards and how they can help your brand.

    Clip/Hook Security

    All lanyards feature a useful clip and hook. This makes lanyards secure, especially when holding items such as an ID badge or a drink bottle. The strength of these clips and hooks varies between lanyards. You need a lanyard that is reliable and one that will reflect your brand image.

    Top picked lanyards include: Event Staff Lanyards Printed and 

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  9. Promotional Lanyards for Your Team

    Lanyards are a great way to create uniformity in a workforce. Your team can match with snazzy custom decorated lanyards. Here are our favourite promotional lanyards for your team.

    15mm Slim Lanyards with Ribs

    These professional 15mm slim lanyards with ribs are great to unite your workforce. This is a simple yet effective product that offers great promotion at an affordable price. It comes in a variety of colours and comes with an attached clip. Get this emblazoned for your employees and elevate your brand!

    Promotional Gold Lanyards

    If you are looking for sophistication and style, check out these promotional gold lanyards. These snazzy lanyards will impress all onlookers. They come in a sleek gold colour and can be customised with your brand name or logo. This lanyard would be very useful to distinguish your

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  10. Practical Uses for Custom Lanyards

    Lanyards go beyond just identification accessories. Lanyards can be used in a variety of methods in events and conferences, as accessory holders for different gadgets, and as a way to publicly elevate your brand. Here are some practical uses for custom lanyards.

    Events and Conferences

    Lanyards are a great way to identify your patrons at your events or conferences. You can affix lanyards to ID holders and denote different levels of patrons through custom lanyard branding. This will make it easy to show which individuals are staff, guests, VIP, etc. It is also convenient to have this information readily available in a sea of people.

    Popular products include: Clear PVC Card Holders and Branded Plastic Badge Holders

    Accessory Holder

    Lanyards can safely and securely hold a variety of accessories. This

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