Keeping ID badges and lanyards clean is of the utmost importance. Not only is it necessary for health concerns but your lanyard reflects your brand name. Keep your brand clean with these helpful tips.

Steps to clean lanyards

Step 1

Give your ID badge and lanyard a rinse with water to get rid of any excess grim. Then prepare a mixture of a neutral detergent and warm water in a container. This mixture will do a lot of the cleaning to make your lanyard look brand new.

Step 2

Grab a paper towel and place it below your lanyard. Then get another paper towel and dip it into the detergent solution. Don’t drench the paper towel but get the solution nicely absorbed. Rub and dab the paper towel onto one side of the ID badge and lanyard and clean off any smudges and stains. Once satisfied, flip the lanyard, and repeat on the underside.

Step 3

Pat the lanyard dry with a clean paper towel. Remove any excess water or solution from the lanyard and let the lanyard dry naturally. You can even give the lanyard a light coat of antiseptic spray with your disinfectant of choice.

Fast cleaning

If you are strapped for time and need to clean your lanyard on the go, consider using disinfecting wipes. These are handy wipes you can carry with you in public and wipe down outside surfaces, your phone, bag, and lanyards. This makes cleaning easy and keeps your lanyards looking their best.