Screen Printed Lanyards

Do you need a lanyard customised quickly? Do you have a simple, no fuss design in mind? Are you looking for a cheap and effective way of customising products? If so, you'll want screen printing. 

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is quick, cheap, and effective method of creating prints on fabric.

  Screen Printing

1) A mesh screen in the shape of your logo is produced

2) This mesh screen in then used like a stencil, with inks applied to the lanyard beneath

3) The lanyard if then dried out, leaving the ink print behind. 

The Advantages of Screen Printing


Screen printing is a method that has been in use for hundreds of years. For simpler one position designs with few colours, screen printing is one of the most effective methods of customising fabrics. It's fast and it's effective. The ink used in the process is of a thicker and larger quantity than other methods of printing on fabric, and as such is ideal for large and bold designs, with the bonus side effect of a long lasting print that won't wash out easily. In summary:

  • Fast Printing
  • Cheaper than Dye Sublimation
  • Highly durable
  • Perfect for large prints
  • Versatile - Print any colour on any coloured fabric

The Disadvantages of Screen Printing


Screen printing is a simpler method of customising products, and as such it has its limits. While one or two colours are possible, increasing the number of colours makes the process more difficult and more expensive. Very small or fine designs are also something of problem, with ink subject to bleeding and expansion. In summary:

  • Additional colours adds to the price
  • No printing of small and highly detailed logos. 

Wrap Up!

Screen printing is the best option for anyone who wants to customise their products quickly and efficiently. For simpler logos with a minimum of colours, or for customers who don't need the full colour wraparound of dye sublimation, screen printing is the ideal way of customising lanyards.