Lanyards are a great way to create uniformity in a workforce. Your team can match with snazzy custom decorated lanyards. Here are our favourite promotional lanyards for your team.

15mm Slim Lanyards with Ribs

These professional 15mm slim lanyards with ribs are great to unite your workforce. This is a simple yet effective product that offers great promotion at an affordable price. It comes in a variety of colours and comes with an attached clip. Get this emblazoned for your employees and elevate your brand!

Promotional Gold Lanyards

If you are looking for sophistication and style, check out these promotional gold lanyards. These snazzy lanyards will impress all onlookers. They come in a sleek gold colour and can be customised with your brand name or logo. This lanyard would be very useful to distinguish your employees. It can also act as a tool to hold badges or IDs. Decorate this lanyard today.

Super Twist Promotional Lanyards

These super twist promotional lanyards add a unique feature on top of traditional lanyards. They have the ability to swivel and constantly showcase your brand. These lanyards are durable, professional, and stylish. They can easily be decorated with your brand or logo to showcase your name. Introduce these lanyards to your team and watch them smile with glee!