Lanyards go beyond just identification accessories. Lanyards can be used in a variety of methods in events and conferences, as accessory holders for different gadgets, and as a way to publicly elevate your brand. Here are some practical uses for custom lanyards.

Events and Conferences

Lanyards are a great way to identify your patrons at your events or conferences. You can affix lanyards to ID holders and denote different levels of patrons through custom lanyard branding. This will make it easy to show which individuals are staff, guests, VIP, etc. It is also convenient to have this information readily available in a sea of people.

Popular products include: Clear PVC Card Holders and Branded Plastic Badge Holders

Accessory Holder

Lanyards can safely and securely hold a variety of accessories. This can range from different gadgets such as smartphones, cameras, USBs, gaming consoles, keys, torches, drink bottles, and a whole lot more. Taking lanyards out and about makes them very practical if you need an item quickly and on the go!

Top picks include: Lanyard Pen Dual Colours and Short Keyring Lanyards with Branding

Public Marketing

Custom decorated lanyards are the best method of mobile marketing. You can emblazon a lanyard with your unique brand down the lanyard. We offer a variety of colours and decorating methods to ensure that your brand stands out. Take time to decide on colours, imagery, and styles to truly capture the essence of your brand. If you do this right, everyone will remember your brand.

Favourite items include: 20mm Fat Lanyards with Ribs and Recycled PET Logo Branded Lanyards