Lanyards are great promotional products with nifty features. These include enhanced security, breakaway for safety, and endless customisability. Here is everything you need to know about lanyards and how they can help your brand.

Clip/Hook Security

All lanyards feature a useful clip and hook. This makes lanyards secure, especially when holding items such as an ID badge or a drink bottle. The strength of these clips and hooks varies between lanyards. You need a lanyard that is reliable and one that will reflect your brand image.

Top picked lanyards include: Event Staff Lanyards Printed and Super Detailed Woven Lanyards

Breakaway for Safety

Our lanyards feature a breakaway function. This is a detachable clip at the back of the lanyard that can easily be toggled to separate the lanyard cords. This means lanyards can be worn at all ages without any risk of choking. Get a lanyard that is safe and comfortable to wear!

Favourite lanyards include: 20mm Fat Lanyards with Ribs and Promotional Smooth Nylon Lanyards


Lanyards offer a great range of customisability. We stock lanyards that vary in width and style. We have a lanyard for every occasion so make sure you pick a lanyard that represents your brand and image. Our lanyards can also be emblazoned with your brand or logo so wherever you and your patrons go, your brand name will be visible.

Best lanyards include: Skinny Tubular Event Lanyards and Customised Rainbow Lanyards