Lanyards come with a variety of accessories for accessibility and improvement. These can also help promote your brand. Here are our popular lanyard accessories.


Carabiners are specialised types of hooks that help secure lanyards. These are made from a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate. This is an incredibly safe security clip and is guaranteed to ensure your lanyard stays attached, even with heavier weights.

Popular carabiner lanyards include: Promotional Carabiner Retractable Badge and Logo Emblazoned Neoprene Lanyards


J-hooks are small clips that are affixed to a lanyard. These hooks are in the shape of the letter J and are cut in a way that the metal overlaps. This enables the clip to have an inbuilt closure to secure your lanyard. J-hooks are typically used for lighter items like badges, IDs, and security cards.

J-hook lanyards include: Express Basic 19mm Polyester Lanyards and Green Lanyards

Round Clips

Round clips heavy-duty metal catchments that secure items to your lanyards. These clips are shaped with a rounded end and a finger press releasement. These are effective clips that secure items to the lanyard. Their weight tolerance is close to a carabiner.

Round clip lanyards include: 20mm Fat Lanyards with Ribs and Custom Branded Bottle Holders

Wire loops

Wire loops use a thin piece of wire to secure lanyards. This usually comes with a detachable clip. Wire loops are simply weaved through an item like an ID card and secured through a passthrough knot. This is a simple yet effective lanyard accessory.

Wire loop lanyards include: Printed Mini Pens for Lanyard and Custom Logo Cork Lanyards Bulk