With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, conferences and events will be coming back in full swing. Get prepared for your next conference with some new promotional lanyards.

Cheap Woven Lanyards Logo Printed

Stand out from the crowd at the next conference with these cheap woven logo printed lanyards. These lanyards come in a variety of colours to help get your brand the attention it deserves. The lanyards are great for all events and are an affordable option for businesses. The lanyards also come in 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm sizes, and feature a metal clip to attach to identity cards or other useful things. Get this lanyard today!

Personalised Fat Lanyards

These personalised fat lanyards are excellent promotional tools. More importantly, they are eco-alternatives, being made from 100% recycled plastic. So not only will your brand get the best promotion, but you will be helping the environment too! The lanyard is 19mm thick so it can easily fit your brand and logo. It also comes in a variety of colour combinations so make sure you choose a colour that contrasts with your brand or logo.

Clear PVC Card Holders

Take the next step with lanyard promotion and get these lanyard clear PVC cardholders. These lanyard combos are great for use to showcase identification details as well as your brand. The lanyards come in a variety of sizes to hold all types of cards. You can also decorate these lanyards with your brand name for effective promotion. Take your next conference by storm with these clear PVC cardholders!