Lanyards might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a big event, but they can actually be incredibly helpful and practical. Whether you're getting married, hosting a party, or organizing a special event, lanyards could just be the finishing touch you need! Here are some reasons why.

Benefits of Lanyards

  • Lanyards are versatile: They can have any design on them to match your theme and add flair to your event.
  • Lanyards keep things organized: When guests arrive at an event or party, it's easy for things like coat check tickets or drink tokens to get lost in the shuffle. By giving each guest their own lanyard with those items attached, you'll save time and prevent confusion later on.
  • Lanyards make great keepsakes: Many people enjoy collecting items from events that they attend as a way to remember them. A customized lanyard is something that guests will appreciate as both useful during the event itself and memorable long after it has ended.

Wedding Lannyrads

Weddings are one of the most common occasions where people use lanyards—and for good reason! Lanyards at weddings can serve many purposes. You can give them out as favors so guests have something unique to take home with them after the wedding day.

Alternatively, consider using personalized photo ID style lanyards instead of traditional place cards for assigned seating at dinner tables. This way everyone quickly knows where they’re sitting without having too search through heaps of papers covering every table!

Party Planning

Parties require organization if you want everything—guests included—to run smoothly throughout your celebration!

Planning an adult birthday bash? Consider providing custom-branded drink cup holders attached right onto each person’s wristband by utilising our promotional bottle holder cords! That gives drinks an extra-secure, non-spill grip while socializing all night long!

Throwing a bigger, large-scale outdoor extravaganza instead? No sweat! Help keep everyone on track and in the right places with printed lanyards. Highly visible, stylish and practical – they're an excellent way to identify staff members or volunteers who can provide assistance whenever needed.

Special Event Lanyards

If you’re organising a large-scale special event like a charity fundraiser or trade show that involves many vendors, lanyards are essential not only for crowd control but also as sponsorship opportunities!

Using badge-style lanyards showcasing your company logo alongside sponsor signatures is one of the best ways to create cohesion among booths while highlighting your brand recognition throughout the whole festival.

Make sure every person who attends all types of events knows exactly where anything they need is–from bathrooms through venues by creating varied corresponding color-coded designations within your personalised, custom branded neck straps!

Final Thoughts

When planning a wedding, party, or special event—lanyards might just be an unsung hero. They’re versatile tools that add beauty and coherence to any type of occasion while simultaneously keeping things organized during moments when each precious second counts. Whether looking for simple colors and standard text personalization options or more sophisticated graphic-design-enriched offerings, come explore all Lanyard Planet has to offer today!