Nowadays, people all over the world are very concerned about recycling. Opting to use environmentally friendly products is now a best practice for businesses to show that they are doing their bit for the environment. Corporate entities need to look at creative and innovative ideas that cause minimum strain on the planet while still providing maximum brand exposure.

Lanyards are a very common business promotional item and eco friendly printed lanyards are an absolute must for those who care about the environment. Eco green lanyards can be made from natural products including cotton, bamboo or satin. Cotton is a renewable source of material and lanyards made of cotton can be recycled. Likewise, bamboo is an eco friendly lanyard making resource that is also environmentally sustainable. Satin is another renewable material originating from silk which can be used for making eco green lanyards that look luxurious. Lanyards manufactured from these types of natural fibres are a better option for businesses looking to leave a reduced carbon footprint.

Green printed lanyards are not only a great way to market your business, but also a humble way of demonstrating to your clients that your business is dedicated to caring about the planet. Printed lanyards used at expos and trade shows are often disposed of after the events themselves. Encouraging your recipients to reuse lanyards in the workplace or at on-site events can help reduce the number of lanyards thrown out immediately after your event is over. However, if disposing of the lanyards is unavoidable then eco friendly lanyards are your best choice. Lanyards made from synthetic or non-recyclable material may never decompose and sit in landfill for years. When you select a lanyard made from natural, biodegradable materials your lanyards will naturally return to the environment over time and won't clog up garbage dumps.

When ordering promotional products for your business, ensure that you show your commitment to the environment by investing in eco friendly items. Many Australian suppliers sell eco friendly printed lanyards online, so shop around for the best deals. With a few clicks of your mouse or a simple phone call, you can get custom lanyards printed and delivered directly to your Australian location.