Remember back in primary school when lanyards were the height of fashion. They could be used to display your scoobies and other art projects, and kept your Tamagotchi or new toy safe and on hand.

Droplet Branded Pass Holders

The principle hasn’t changed even if we have matured. Lanyards are still a very funky accessory that can be used to keep your keys, ID and other important items close at hand. We have a range of Lanyard Attachments, including Badge Holders and carabiners, which can be used to display your ID or even carry around a drink bottle.

8cm Carabiner

Lanyards can even be clipped onto your pen or notepad, things that you might need at a moments notice and don’t want to rummage around your bag for. Check out our selection of Lanyard Pens, which are ideal for conferences and workshops.

Custom 2 colour lanyard Pen