Printed lanyards are one the simplest ways of marketing a business. Lanyards can be used for any type of audience and can be distributed irrespective of age and gender. Customised lanyards make great budget promotional products owing to their compact size, low production costs and general ease of distribution.

Many companies print lanyards with logos and business names for sports events, corporate gatherings, fund raising functions, tradeshows, seminars, expos, conventions etc. These unique lanyards can then be handed out among large attending audiences or to staff for identification, be it at a marathon or fashion show. Additionally, potential customers may enquire about the business after the convention is over using the printed lanyards as reference.

Lanyards are the most convenient way of keeping, displaying and using IDs, tags and keys. For example, printed lanyards are used in schools and universities by students and staff to display their ID cards. Staff at hospitals and banks use lanyards to keep hold of their security cards and keys so that they are accessible on the go.

When looking to purchase logo printed lanyards, a business has to consider their intended usage. If an organisation requires them for basic internal distribution, such as through school or college departments, cheaper lanyards may be the right choice. If the lanyards are to be distributed at large scale conventions or exhibitions, premium quality sublimation lanyards help to make a strong impression among attendees and staff alike.

Buying lanyards online for your Australian business or event is easy as you can place an order from the comfort of your office. Businesses can browse online or call the supplier to find a product that suits their needs. Most lanyard suppliers can provide samples before you purchase in bulk to ensure the lanyard is fitting for your event. Once the order is ready, the product can be delivered across Australia within a few business days. So when you need lanyards for an Australian event or work place, browse and order online to enjoy a wide selection of products at fantastic prices.