1. Promotional Lanyard Attachments: Beyond the Basics

    Summary (TLDR): Promotional lanyards are versatile and useful beyond just holding IDs. You can improve them by choosing the right attachments or accessories, customising them for branding, and considering eco-friendly options.

    Promotional lanyards have long been considered to be basic accessories for securing ID badges and cards in the world of corporate branding. But let's be candid; they've got untapped potential! And the untapped potential we're talking about is the lanyard attachments! Aussie businesses who want to level up their promotional game must explore the potential of lanyard attachments. This nifty promotional item can be made more useful and effective brand ambassadors by making them more user-friendly. So, let's dive in and discover how these little attachments can make a big impact.

    Understanding Common Lanyard Attachment Options

    When it comes

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  2. About Our Top Sellers

    if you've ever placed an enquiry with us regarding lanyards, and you didn't specify which one you wanted, chances are we recommended one of these following options. But why are they so popular? And why are they so well recommended? Find out here.

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