Where are Lanyards Used?

Lanyards are used anywhere that a small item needs to be kept accessible and handy -- and in this day and age, that means everywhere. From security passes to water bottles to mobile phones, you can always find a use for a lanyard.

Lanyards in the Office

Printed lanyards for holding identification cards or security passes are used in businesses, hospitals, schools and police stations. Lanyards mean no one has to fumble in their pockets or purses for their security passes. They're always in plain view for anyone to see.

In addition, custom branded lanyards can be used to keep track of a wide variety of small items that may need to be accessed in a hurry. If you're tired of never being able to find a pen when you need one, a lanyard will help keep one handy, without running the risk of ink-staining your pockets. Lanyards are a great way of keeping important keys where you need them. Clips make it easy to attach your key ring to your person, and a colourful branded lanyard increases the visibility of your keys, making them difficult to forget and leave behind.

Lanyards Outside of the Office

Charities find it very useful to give their collectors and other volunteers branded lanyards for displaying their identification. Any business that sends people door to door will find them useful, allowing potential customers to see, quickly and definitively, that they are dealing with a legitimate agent. Real estate agencies, utility companies, couriers and anyone who sells to the door will find a use for lanyards.

Lanyards at Play

You don't need to be at work to need a lanyard. Printed lanyards are a great way to keep water bottles, mobile phones, small maps and car keys accessible, making lanyards just as indispensable on a bushwalk as they are in an office building!