What is a Branded Lanyard?

A lanyard is simply a cord to hold useful items. The most popular commercially available lanyards are for holding identity cards and/or security badges comfortably and securely around the neck, allowing the card to be clearly seen. But these are by no means the only type of lanyard. Lanyards can hold all sorts of small items that are frequently used and yet easy to lose. Pens, keys, USB keys and smartphones are all examples of items that can be attached to lanyards so that they're always within easy reach.

Perfect for Conferences & Events

Because of their usefulness and ubiquity within organisations, branded lanyards are becoming increasingly popular. We can have your organisation's branding printed on or woven into a lanyard cord, ensuring that your brand is always visible to your employees and visitors. They can also be given away as a useful and attractive promotional item, suitable for giveaways in corporate, education, and sporting environments

History of Lanyards

The term 'lanyard' originally referred to a type of rope that was used on sailing ships. The term passed into use in the military, where it gained it's modern meaning a type of cord worn to secure small items for easy reach, such as whistles or even revolvers. Now, with people having to deal with an increasing number of small but necessary items, lanyards are in wider use than ever. Customised branded lanyards allow smart businesses to take advantage of this phenomenon to get their brand where it will be seen.