Small Businesses to Big Brands: Lanyards

It's a busy day at the office, and you're about to attend a business meeting. Before leaving, you put on your lanyard, which holds your photo id with the company logo on it. You walk into the building lobby. Before reaching the elevator, someone greets you by name and states what department of the company they work for! You realise that lanyards are not only useful for identification purposes but an easy way to promote brand recognition too. It doesn't matter whether it's small businesses or big brands- all businesses invest in this tool because of its effectiveness. In this article, we delve into three subtopics related to  lanyards underlining why their popularity will continue to rise and how businesses can benefit from them as part of their promotional product offerings.

1. Lanyards are cost-effective promotional tools.
2. They improve brand visibility and recognition.
3. Large corporations benefit from lanyards too.

Why Small Businesses Need Lanyards

Lanyards offer different benefits when used by small businesses. Here are some reasons why:

  • Cost-effective - They are affordable compared to other forms of marketing materials.
  • Brand awareness - They help promote brand visibility and recognition.
  • Customisable - They come in different colours, material types and printing options that suit any business' needs.
  • Practicality - They can hold company IDs badge holders or offer useful attachments e.g., bottle openers or phone holders.

Lanyard: Big Companies Valuable Asset

As well as being helpful for small companies on a budget, you'll find large corporations also using customised lanyards at events and within the workplace environment. Below points explain more about what makes lanyard a perfect asset for larger organisations:

  • Employee identification - It is easier to identify employees within an organisation when they wear company-branded lanyards.
  • Streamlining security processes & Access Control- In combination with access cards/layers, use them around secure premises—easy permission control without reducing efficiency.
  • Networking opportunity – When attending trade shows or corporate events identifying staff wearing structured positions amid attendees quickly represents professionalism attracting potential future partners/clients.
  • Lasting Marketing tool – Long post-event retention with visitors or participants; a promotional Lanyard can offer brand recall value over 12 to 24 months.

Future of Lanyards

Lanyards are here to stay as one of the most effective promotional product tools out there. Even though they've been around for some time, technological advancements continue to push boundaries:

  • Smart ID Solutions - Enable quick identification and Access Limited funds.
  • Environmentally Friendly Options - The increased demand for environmentally sustainable options means the lanyard industry has developed eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Online Customisation procedures – Improved systems ensure businesses can create their complex designs effortlessly while saving on costs.
  • Interactive Designs - Personalised QR codes are an exciting internet-age addition that add depth, intrigue between brands and customers.

Broadwater Resort Como Success Story 

Broadwater Resort Como, a small resort located in Perth, Western Australia, was struggling with low occupancy rates and limited brand visibility. Their marketing budget was limited, making it challenging to attract new guests while retaining existing ones.

Fortunately, they discovered promotional lanyards as an affordable yet effective way of advertising their resort. They ordered customised lanyards with their logo and website address printed on them and gave them out to their staff members to wear during work hours.

To their surprise, the response from guests was overwhelming; many asked where they could purchase similar lanyards as souvenirs or gifts for family and friends. This created an opportunity for Broadwater Resort Como to earn extra revenue by selling the personalised lanyards at their gift shop.

Thanks to the success of this campaign that started simply by using little personalisation products like Lanyard accessories for staff uniforms provided great benefits leading up-to unexpected revenue generation & higher branding awareness especially for such businesses with tight budgets dedicated solely towards service quality enhancement efforts rather than expensive marketing strategies!


Never overlook the importance of branding within your business! By promoting company branding through quirky and not-so-tacky items like lanyards, companies have found a reliable way to attract new clients and improve recognition without breaking the bank. Therefore lanyards might be considered somewhat essential Promotional Item supplies worth considering for those who seek such cause related long term benefits.