Personalised Lanyards for Events

Picture yourself attending a business conference, eager to represent your company and network with others in your industry. As you walk through the doors, you notice everyone around you is wearing the same generic name badge on a bland lanyard. How can you stand out amidst this sea of monotony? Personalised lanyards are the answer! With custom branding options available today, lanyards have become more than just an identification tool- they're now an opportunity to showcase your creativity and elevate your brand presence.

1. Personalised lanyards elevate branding.
2. Utilise unique branding elements for impact.
3. QR codes enhance user experience.

Types of Lanyards for Events

When it comes to choosing the right type, there are plenty of options available that suit your needs:

  • Dye sublimated lanyard - This type allows printing any text or image onto the material, giving designers much more freedom when designing them compared to other types.
  • Polyester printed lanyard - They offer excellent durability at an affordable price with eye-catching print quality that grabs attention.
  • Woven lanyard - provides white-to-dark colouring which ensures high readability against a colourful logo background and perfect craftsmanship look-without any fraying or twisting during wear.
  • Tubular/hollow strap - Made from soft polyester fabric, provides the best level of comfort around the neck area.
  • Reflective & glow-in-the-dark lanyard - Perfect if your event involves low light areas or during nighttime.

How to Make Them Unique

Are you looking for ways to make your lanyards stand out at your next event? Whether it's incorporating specific colour schemes or utilizing unique materials, there are various tricks that can help you design a personalised lanyard that is both eye-catching and functional.

  • Consider colour schemes and design elements - When designing personalised lanyards for events, consider incorporating specific colour schemes that match the event's theme or logo. This helps create consistency and cohesion amongst attendees while also promoting brand exposure.
  • Utilise unique materials - Personalised lanyards aren't limited to just traditional fabric materials; there are various innovative options like recycled plastic or bamboo fibres that not only look great but promote sustainability as well.
  • Include QR codes - Adding QR codes to your promotional lanyard can provide participants with access to exclusive content or discounts by simply scanning their badge, enhancing user experience and engagement throughout the event.
  • Play with font styles - Font styles may seem like a small detail but using creative typography on personalising names or company branding can establish a visual hierarchy amongst attendees whilst providing heightened aesthetic appeal.

Backobourke Exhibition Centre Success Story

Backobourke Exhibition Centre recently held a conference and discovered the promotional lanyards to be a significant hit among attendees. With custom branding options, our logo was prominently displayed on each badge, creating instant brand recognition for us.

Not only were they functional in identifying participants, but these personalised lanyards also helped elevate our brand presence at the event. From unique materials to incorporating QR codes with exclusive content and discounts, we had ample opportunity to make them stand out amongst the sea of generic badges.

Overall, investing in personalised lanyards proved immensely beneficial for Backobourke Exhibition Centre's event. It enabled us to create an aesthetic appeal that guests appreciated while ensuring their identification was easy and straightforward throughout the conference- a win-win situation all around!


In summary, personalised lanyards are a great way to make your company and brand stand out at events. There are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing the right type, from dye sublimated to glow-in-the-dark, which can be customized according to your needs. Incorporating unique materials like recycled plastic or bamboo fibres, including QR codes and playing with font styles can also help enhance their visual appeal. Backobourke Exhibition Centre's successful use of promotional lanyards at their recent conference highlights its benefits in providing easy identification while also elevating the brand presence.