Difference Between Closed & Open Lanyards

There are several different configurations that are possible for your custom branded lanyards. An important distinction is between closed lanyards and open-ended lanyards

Closed Lanyards

A closed promotional lanyard is a loop of fabric cord. The ends of the loop are sewn together. A smaller loop is sewn into the large loop, and the safety breakaway and the main clip are attached to this smaller loop. This means that the loop cannot be opened or closed, the entire unit must be worn by putting your head through the loop. To secure a lanyard pocket, a single clip is used which attaches to the middle of the lanyard pocket.

Open Lanyards

In an open-ended lanyard, the loop is not sewn closed. The wearer closes the loop with a clip. This gives the wearer the option of either putting their head through the closed loop or closing the loop around the neck like a necklace. To secure a lanyard pocket, an open lanyard will utilize 2 clips which will be located on each end of the lanyard. Each clip will then fasten itself on either side of the lanyard pocket.