Lanyards: Art of Branding

Have you ever been at a conference, trying to balance your name tag, business cards, and coffee in one hand while frantically searching for your schedule? Amidst the chaos, a simple solution may have presented itself: lanyards. These versatile products do more than hold your ID card; they can be customised to represent your brand and promote it effectively. Here's how.

1. Custom lanyards build brand awareness.
2. Personalisation adds attention to detail.
3. Maximize event exposure with lanyards.

Why Use Custom Lanyards?

In today's competitive market, businesses need to stand out from the crowd and custom lanyards are a simple yet effective way of achieving this. Whether it's increasing brand awareness, attention to detail or utilitarian appeal, there are many benefits to investing in customised lanyards for your team or event attendees.

  • Create Brand Awareness - Customised lanyards are billboard space that travels with your employees or team members wherever they go - conferences, events, trade shows, fairs- you name it! Seeing other people wearing branded lanyards helps staff feel part of something bigger.
  • Show Your Attention to Detail - Customising every aspect of what pertains to promoting a brand will show the world that you're meticulous about even minor detailings. While competitors might only use plain colours and stock lettering on their badges' cords - let alone create promotional lanyards positively packed full of personality- yours are attention-grabbing powerhouses!
  • Maximise Value - Get the most value out of Conferences by investing in printed double-sided premium full-coloured branding onto these everyday items available with curved top edges or straight top surfaces.
  • Utilitarian Appeal - Your clients can use other people's custom-made silicone wristbands as drink bottle sleeves or phone cases; however those bands aren't going to cut an excellent corporate figure around a client site the way our exclusive custom designed PVC rubber-based lanyard materials will! 

How To Personalise Lanyards

Are you looking for ways to make your company stand out at events and in the office? Personalising lanyards is a great solution! Here are some tips on how to match colours and logos, get creative with textures, consider accessibility, and use smart references.

  • Match Colours and Logos: To ensure maximum visibility from across any room, brands should seek design guidance that maximises visible area coverage whilst creating other visual effects such as mixing up shades matching business logos in order best represent all parts together'.
  • Get Creative with Textures: Lanyards can be made of smooth or ribbed fabric, flexible silicone, PVC rubber and polyester are the most popular.  Be creative with textures as clients may remember not only a brand logo but how it feels.
  • Consider Accessibility: For team members who frequently flash their ID cards at entrance checkpoints and security gates around buildings—such as campuses that require individual validation before granting access—a retractable lanyard is an ingenious solution!
  • Use Smart References: Leverage game-changing references such as QR codes to enable easy communication & immediate sales conversions! Interactivity makes your customers happy, enhancing brand-value.

Arcadia Landscape Architecture's Success Story

A few years back, Arcadia Landscape Architecture was preparing for an upcoming environmental conference in Sydney and knew they needed a better way to present themselves in all the chaos of those busy environments. They discovered our customised printed double-sided lanyards that displayed their specialisation areas.

Arcadia Landscape Architecture decided to invest more into these branded lanyards than other simple options because they bring considerable benefits comparing just costs per attendee:

  • Corporate Image: Uniformity across the team enhanced corporate culture presentation which ensured consistent increased business from new leads.
  • Recognition: More people recognised the logo at booths due to engagement/inter-participation with booth attendees over conversations.
  • Professionalism: Distinctive & refined appeal being so different from alternative options helped reassure potential clients whom they were working with experts committed to sustainability & environmental-friendly solutions.


Customising promotional products ensures branding consistency while providing employees with practical accessories like lanyards that recipients will find valuable beyond simply displaying ID badges or keys. Attractive colours coupled with unique designs are essential components of successful promotional campaigns. Additionally, make sure to consider accessibility features such as retractable cords so that employees and security personnel can easily access identification quickly! Finally, live events provide excellent opportunities for brands to reach out to their audiences while adding value through well-executed practical branding items like our customer-branded premium lanyards.