Guide: Lanyard Customisation Strategies

Picture this – you're at a work conference filled with hundreds of people, and you can't seem to keep track of your ID card. You search through every bag pocket but still can't find it. Suddenly, it hits you - if only you had a lanyard customised with your name on it! Not only would you have an easy way to carry around your ID, but it would also help others remember your name. In this guide on lanyard customisation strategies, we'll walk you through everything from choosing the right material to picking out the perfect font.

1. Choose the right lanyard material.
2. Keep designs simple and legible.
3. Branded lanyards create opportunities.

Material Matters

The material that goes into making a lanyard can drastically affect its comfort level and look. Here's what some of the options offer:

  • Polyester: This popular option is cheap and cheerful and comes in many colours.
  • Nylon: Durable and long-lasting choice for those who need their lanyards to withstand regular use.
  • Woven Fabric: A slightly more expensive option but provides greater texture than polyester or nylon.

Designing Your Custom Lanyard

Now that we've explored materials let's move onto designing your own lanyard. For maximum impact consider these bullet points:

  • Colour Palette Matters - Stick with a palette that matches or compliments your brand’s logo
  • Keep Text Simple - Go for text-driven designs since elaborate graphics make fonts illegible, hence confusing
  • Logo Placement - Positioning a logo properly makes all the difference between looking like an ad campaign gone wrong versus eye-catching promotions.
  • Font Selection - Picking the right all-important wording requires careful thought, so does selecting complementary fonts! 
  • Clip Considerations - Never underestimate the importance of selecting the right clip for your lanyard. The most common are swivel hook, buckle release, and lobster clasp.

Audere Coaching & Consulting Success Story

Audere Coaching & Consulting recognised the importance of promoting its brand at events where they could meet potential clients. One such event was a national trade conference that Audere attended. They wanted to make sure their staff stood out and were easily recognisable so they ordered promotional lanyards for their team members.

During the conference, everyone was impressed with the branded lanyards Audere handed out to participants from their seminar. The catchy graphics on the accessory attracted people's attention to get in touch with them later – via email or phone call.

The impact of the promotional lanyards went beyond just bringing attention to themselves; it created an opportunity for people who hadn't engaged in conversations with them before because now, there was a unique topic worth discussing: how incredible their personalised promotions were! Ultimately this led towards increasing sales deals by more than 20% due to implementing these innovative promotion ideas!


To sum up, custom lanyards are a versatile promotional tool that have the ability to leave a lasting impression on potential clients and customers. By following our guide, you now have the knowledge on how to choose the right material, design an eye-catching pattern and make your logo pop! Don't underestimate the power of branded accessories - like Audere Coaching & Consulting - who reaped significant benefits from using promotional lanyards for their events. So go ahead and use this guide as your blueprint to create your unique and contemporary designs in promoting your brand with confidence!