Creative Applications of Custom Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are sometimes reduced to being identification holders. Yet they remain as one of the most effective advertising tools to make your brand known since it's very visible to passers by when worn. But if only you can get more creative, lanyards can go beyond being plain ID holders. In this post, we will introduce to you the other applications of custom lanyards that will get event attendees talking about your brand.

  1. Transform lanyards into branding elements.
  2. Use lanyards as ticket holders.
  3. Enhance lanyards with digital elements.

Personalised Ticket Holders

Picture this: You're attending a music festival with your friends, waiting eagerly in line to get inside. As you step closer to the entrance, you notice a group of people wearing lanyards that hold not only their access passes but also their event tickets. Suddenly, you find yourself envying their convenience and wishing you had thought of that. Well, fret no more! Promotional lanyards can double up as stylish ticket holders, allowing your guests to keep their tickets safe and easily accessible throughout the event. No more fumbling through bags or pockets in search of that elusive piece of paper while missing out on your favourite band's performance. With lanyard ticket holders, your attendees can dance, clap, and sing along without worrying about their precious tickets.

Here are some additional benefits of using lanyards as ticket holders:

  • Provides effortless access to the event location
  • Reduces the risk of losing tickets
  • Adds a touch of branding to the overall event experience

Supercharged Access Pass Holders

So, you've successfully entered the event with your ticket securely displayed on your lanyard. But what if I told you that lanyards could take your event experience to the next level? Picture this: You're at a comic convention, and in addition to your access pass, your lanyard also holds a small USB drive. You're intrigued. Curiosity gets the better of you, you plug the USB into your computer, only to find an exclusive digital comic waiting for you. Mind blown! Promotional lanyards can be supercharged with additional elements like USB drives, keychains, or even interactive QR codes, transforming them into access pass holders that offer more than just access. By integrating clever digital elements with your lanyard, you can surprise and delight your guests, elevating their event experience to new heights.

Here are some key advantages of using supercharged lanyard access pass holders:

  • Enhances engagement and interaction with attendees
  • Allows for the delivery of exclusive digital content
  • Creates a memorable experience for participants

Branding Elements That Stick

Now that we've explored the various ways lanyards can enhance the event experience, let's not forget their primary purpose - branding! Promotional lanyards are an excellent tool for showcasing your brand and creating a lasting impression on your attendees. Gone are the days of plain lanyards with a simple logo. Get creative and choose eye-catching designs that reflect the spirit of your event. Add colours, patterns, and even witty phrases that resonate with your target audience. By turning your lanyards into unique branding elements, you're not only providing a functional accessory, but you're also leaving your mark long after the event is over. Who knows, maybe a year down the line, someone will stumble upon that lanyard and reminisce about the amazing time they had at your event.

Here are a few reasons why using lanyards as branding elements can benefit your event:

  • Increases brand visibility and recognition
  • Acts as a conversation starter for attendees
  • Provides a memorable takeaway for participants

Final Thoughts

Lanyards are more than just humble ID holders. Whether it's being used as ticket holders, supercharged access pass holders, or branding elements, these versatile accessories have the power to transform your event experience. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Get creative, think outside the box, and let promotional lanyards take your events to new heights.

Remember, the next time you attend an event, keep an eye out for those lanyards that go beyond ID badges. You never know what surprises await you!