Can I buy Children Sized Lanyards?

At Cheapest Lanyards we can supply custom branded lanyards in a huge range of lengths and thicknesses. One advantage of this is that we can size neck lanyards for children. This can be handy for situations in which children need to have clearly visible identification - excursions, camps, large school gatherings and so on. Our lanyards are supplied custom printed with graphics and logos. They are also fun and useful giveaways in educational settings. 

Children SizedLanyards

Standard lanyards are made of a length of cord 90 cm long, meaning that they are about 45 cm long when worn. While this is an appropriate length for adults and older teenagers, it may well be too long for smaller children. If you need lanyards to fit around the necks of younger children, please ask our friendly sales staff, and we can supply a shorter lanyard length for you. Please be aware that lanyards long enough to wrap around the neck may constitute choking hazards, and so are not recommended for toddlers or infants.