When it comes to hosting events, people often overlook lanyards. There is little to no thought that is put into selecting the best lanyard for the occasion. Well, that ends now. Read on to understand about promotional lanyard material options and why understanding the material will help you better select your next batch of lanyards.

Choosing Promotional Lanyards

The first choice when manufacturing lanyard cords is polyester or nylon. Lanyards made out of either nylon or polyester are usually sold blank and in one primary colour. You can also request that they come with a custom imprinted label that is attached to a polyester strap. Other than the nylon printed and polyester imprinted lanyards, there are also satin lanyard, tube imprinted lanyards and full-colour (dye sublimated) lanyards.

Why Buy Custom Printed Lanyards

There are a lot or purposes why you might want a lanyard. These ropes can be used as accessories for electronics to hand small devices like USB pens, and MP3 players. Lanyards are also popular when being used in events as identification or badge holders. These lanyards are usually made out of woven or braided fabric, and there is a clip at the end to hold the badge in place. On a more serious side, lanyards can also be used as safety straps. That heavy working equipment can wear one around the wrist such that it will switch off the machine or vehicle in case the human operating becomes incapacitated. There are a lot more functions to use the straps.

Depending on your brief and budget, you can get either printed or blank lanyards. Regarding material, any material can and may be printed. The most decisive factor should be your budget. But here are a couple of leading examples we offer;

Eco Green Friendly Lanyards — has a range eco-friendly lanyards manufactured out of recycled and recyclable materials. These are real value for your money.

Promotional Lanyard Pens — a selection of different coloured lanyards according to the season and other factors.

Badge Holders — has a range or retractable badge holders and can be branded with a personal logo.