1. How Do We Make Full Colour Lanyards?

    Making full-colour promotional lanyards is a simple yet time-consuming task. Various mechanisms and machinery are used so that you can get proper sublimation and customisation on your lanyard. Here is a step by step explanation of how we make full-colour lanyards.

    Full Colour Lanyard

    Step 1

    The first step is actually a preparation step. This involves feeding the lanyard straps into the industrial machine to make it smooth and shiny. This prepares the lanyard for pre-print. This step is important for the basis of the lanyard and cannot be overlooked.

    Step 2

    Next, the lanyard is heated to about 260 degrees Celsius which is similar to the sublimation heating. At this point, it is also checked to see whether it is straight and aligned and

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  2. Who Invented Custom Lanyards?

    It is difficult to say whether one person invented custom printed lanyards. Lanyards evolved through the centuries as tools to help different members of history. Today, we see lanyards as a novelty tool used mostly in promotional campaigns. Here is a little insight as to how this simple yet effective tool will remain as one of the greatest marketing options for your brand.

    Promotional Lanyards History

    History of Custom Lanyards

    The earliest traces of lanyards date all the way back to 15th century France! Lanyards were used as a strap-on tool to hold smaller items like pipes, swords, whistles and even pistols. Soon after, lanyards made their way into the French military to assist soldiers and the various items that they needed to carry. But

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  3. Custom Lanyards for Your Next Event

    As we are slowly integrating back into society, you need to plan ahead for your future marketing and trade show events. Lanyards are a fantastic way to benefit attendees whilst offering you a mobile form of marketing. Consider going for custom lanyards imprinted with your unique brand or logo to take advantage of your upcoming event. Here are our various types and our favourite picks.

    Bulk Branded Event Lanyards

    Custom Decorated Lanyards

    Rather than getting blank or pre-printed lanyards, consider investing in your own unique lanyard to gain that extra amount of marketing at your next event. Our custom printed lanyards offer the finishing touch to send your brand to new heights. Made from woven polyester and nylon materials, our lanyards are long-lasting, sturdy, and perfect for a trade show, university o-week or

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  4. Choose Promotional Silicone Lanyards

    When most people think of event lanyards they imagine a fabric cord with their logo decoration. However, sometimes absorbent materials aren't ideal for your event, or perhaps you're looking for a lanyard that truly standards out. When you want a lanyard that boasts these differences, you'll definitely want to check out our logo emblazoned silicone lanyards.

    Choose Silicone Promotional Lanyards

    Custom Lanyards With a Point of Difference

    One of the major complaints we get about cotton or bamboo fibre lanyards is that they need washing after a while because of their tendency to stain and smell after being worn during hot outdoor events or long periods

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  5. Hot Promotional Lanyards for 2020

    2020 ushers in a new decade and with it a whole lot of new conferences, expos, and networking opportunities. No matter what industry you're in, you'll want to consider investing in quality lanyards for your next event as they allow for easy identification of attendees/staff without being cumbersome to carry about. Truly, promotional lanyards are an event essential.

    Promotional Lanyards 2020

    Full-Colour Lanyards for 2020

    Sick of seeing your colourful logo reduced to one or two colours only? Then you need a full-colour, sublimated lanyard for your next event. Our sublimated lanyards are customised all over with your colours and logo designs, making them the ultimate way to grab attention at a busy event. Just be sure to order your full-colour promotional

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  6. Successful Events Need Branded Lanyards

    Only the best events use this type of promotion. I am of course talking about lanyards! Those little identification straps that all participants wear during events are actually the greatest means of promotion you could ask for.

    promotional lanyards for your next event

    Wear Your Brand

    People tend to undervalue the less flashy promotional items. But with our personalised lanyards, the constant promotional reminder actually makes all the difference. Studies show that people are more receptive to advertising the more they experience it. So why limit yourself to only promoting your brand on the day, when attendees could actually take home and wear your brand for future events.

    More than Just a Pretty Strap


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  7. 3 Unique Lanyards to Make Your Event Stand Out

    Events and conferences are a great means of promotion. You need to capitalise on this in every way you can, and an often-overlooked method of marketing is lanyards. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled the 3 best lanyards to make your brand stand out at your next event.

    Promotional Lanyard Ideas

    1. Reflective Promotional Lanyards

    Our first lanyard is equipped with reflective accents to draw in people’s attention. It has a wide area for decoration perfect for your brand. People at the event will definitely notice your lanyard and word of mouth, as well as visual representation, will benefit your name.

    2. Light-Up Logo Lanyards

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  8. Non-Conference Promo Lanyard Uses

    Typically, lanyards are used at big conferences or work functions as a means of promotion. However, lanyards actually serve a variety of purposes outside work-related events. Here are some unique uses of lanyards that you could take advantage of today!

    Branded Lanyards for Other Events

    Branded Lanyards as Identification

    Lanyards are a great way to directly indicate who you are or what your qualifications are. Forget the hassle of having to dig through your wallet to show your ID, instead, you can just wear it!

    Personalised Lanyards for Keys

    Customising your lanyards with certain attachments means you will never lose your keys again. Even if you don’t wear the lanyard, having an extra accessory connected to your keys will ensure you don’t lose them! Having an easier way

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  9. Going Eco-Friendly With Lanyards

    Our Eco Green Lanyards are the ideal eco-solution for employees and giveaways. They are useful, durable and made locally; perfect to support any company initiatives around sustainability.

    Going Eco-Friendly With Lanyards

    Custom Lanyards as Useful Gifts

    An important consideration when giving gifts or freebies is whether they will be used by the individual. Not only does this impact how effective your marketing strategy is, but it also impacts wastage and your effect on the environment. This is especially important if your company has a policy around reducing waste; to stay in keeping with the Corporate Social Responsibility model. You may already be finding some red tape in this area especially when broaching the dreaded topic of budget.

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  10. Who Uses Branded Lanyards?

    Lanyards are a subtle promotional gem that are used by almost everybody at one point in their lifetime. They’re practical, useful and authoritative. From budget giveaway lanyards for large scale events through glossy premium lanyards more suited for professionals, speak to our sales team to get the perfect product for you!

    Daily Use Branded Lanyards

    This is just a very small list of where you might find promotional lanyards:

    • Office Buildings: most commonly used for access passes. These remain professional and look great in a simple, classic colour often with a one colour logo.

    • Students: a great place to put those new flat keys and student card. Ideal in university colours to help promote school pride. This is also a great product for student

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