Lanyards are a product we've all experienced, whether at a university O-Week, a cultural festival, or a corporate event. Lanyards are lanyards, right? There can't be much in the way of development for something so simple, surely! Well, actually, the humble lanyard is moving towards being a unique hub for digital technology, and the first step in this direction is our new Light Up Promotional Event Lanyards, that operate via battery to create a stunning look that will bring your next campaign to life.

New Stock Light Up Lanyards

LED Lanyards to Light Up Your Event

These high-quality promotional lanyards and card sets are battery operated and can operate for 8-10 hours on a single battery charge. Hand these out to event attendees at concerts, festivals, corporate functions, and more! We etch your logo design directly into the card and can even decorate on the lanyard loop too. Your etched logo will glow with light once you switch the LED lights on.

While lanyards are always going to be synonymous with simple, round-the-neck access to identification, by combining old-school lanyard ideas with new technology the team at Cheapest Lanyards are starting to bring to life an exciting new era in lanyard production. Contact the friendly sales team now for information on these and many other lanyard products for Australian campaigns.