Only the best events use this type of promotion. I am of course talking about lanyards! Those little identification straps that all participants wear during events are actually the greatest means of promotion you could ask for.

promotional lanyards for your next event

Wear Your Brand

People tend to undervalue the less flashy promotional items. But with our personalised lanyards, the constant promotional reminder actually makes all the difference. Studies show that people are more receptive to advertising the more they experience it. So why limit yourself to only promoting your brand on the day, when attendees could actually take home and wear your brand for future events.

More than Just a Pretty Strap

Lanyards date back to pirate times as a means of securing items close to hand when climbing ship rigging. Over time, these lanyards were tailored to accommodate for new devices and ease civilian life. Today, lanyards have taken on a decorative persona but still serve as a reminder of their ingenious past. All this back story is fantastic when marketing your brand. Get creative in what lanyards you use to truly capture people’s attention!

The Future of Marketing

With a desire to take lanyards to the next level, we’ve got some of the best options for you. For example, our Light-Up lanyards dazzle and catch the eye to offer a novel means of promotion. With this lanyard, your members will literally light up the room and serve as a beacon for your brand. Or, for the tech-savvy participants, we offer smartphone holder lanyards to encourage people to take photos of your brand or better yet, to get Tweeting! We are sure we have a lanyard that will make your brand pop.