Customised lanyards are a reliable way to ensure that your staff has security tags or other ID visible, while also maintaining company uniformity and keeping your brand in view. On the other hand, they can be a little pricey, and so it's a risk to use them in a situation where they might wander off. Contractors, event staff, event security and visitors all need lanyards, but often they're just required to distinguish them as members of the team (as well as hold their IDs) and they don't need unique branding.

Pre Printed Staff Lanyards Various Colours

That's where pre-printed lanyards come into the picture. Bearing just a generic message, such as 'contractor', 'security', or 'VIP', these lanyards are a convenient and inexpensive way to identify the people who aren't usually found in your building. They're handy for situations where there's a higher than usual risk of loss, such as conferences and other events.

Best of all, our pre-printed lanyards are colour coded, allowing you to tell at visitors from VIPs or contractors from security workers at a glance. It's easy to get lost in an unfamiliar building, and if you can tell who is who, you can prevent them from wandering away from where they are supposed to be.