It is difficult to say whether one person invented custom printed lanyards. Lanyards evolved through the centuries as tools to help different members of history. Today, we see lanyards as a novelty tool used mostly in promotional campaigns. Here is a little insight as to how this simple yet effective tool will remain as one of the greatest marketing options for your brand.

Promotional Lanyards History

History of Custom Lanyards

The earliest traces of lanyards date all the way back to 15th century France! Lanyards were used as a strap-on tool to hold smaller items like pipes, swords, whistles and even pistols. Soon after, lanyards made their way into the French military to assist soldiers and the various items that they needed to carry. But now, in our current century, lanyards have become a stylish tool used by professionals in all disciplines.

Current Uses for Promotional Lanyards

Lanyards are typically used as accessories, commonly as a method of holding one’s ID credentials. Additionally, people like to use lanyards to hold electronics, such as cameras, mp3 players and USB devices, or alternatively as a safety strap, uniform accessory, pen holder or custom cardholder. Their utility is endless and their level of customisation makes them perfect for promotion and marketing campaigns.

Our Favourite Lanyards for Marketing

As many of our trade shows and conventions have hundreds if not thousands of patrons, trying to properly identify everyone can be quite a difficult task. Lanyards are an effective means of having people always display their IDs. More importantly, if the lanyard is emblazoned with your brand or logo, people will be literally wearing your name wherever they go. Additionally, the greatest improvement to lanyards is that they are now being made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. Capitalise on your next promotional campaign and integrate lanyards to further their history.