Keeping things close by and easily accessible has been made easy with the lanyard. These accessories have served their purpose well not only in the workplace but also in school. But do you know there are other uses of the lanyard in school aside from holding the school ID or whistle. Check out the following innovative ideas: 

Cookie cheat sheet – selling cookies can be tough for students but this project can be so much simpler with a cheat sheet attached to a lanyard and worn when selling. This way, it would be easy to know how much the cookies cost. 

Fire Drill Cheat Sheet – it is not only the students who would find the lanyard a great tool. If you are a teacher, consider laminating your list of students and hanging it on a lanyard and placing it at the back of the classroom door for easy access during fire drills.

Girl Scout Badges – instead of pinning the badges on a sash, consider hanging each one on a lanyard. They will be displayed perfectly and worn comfortably. 

There are plenty other uses for these lanyards in school and you will have fun discovering each one!