Lanyards With Your Logo Printed

You can have your company name branded on the lanyards allowing you to display your business throughout the event. They are an easy and convenient way of displaying and using IDs, keys and tags. Consequently, enabling you to use them anywhere and promote your business at the same time!

Lanyards as Marketing Freebies

What about using your customised lanyard as a giveaway? Every customer and attendee loves a freebee and what better item to hand out as a thank you gift, tradeshow goodie or as a welcome gift!

Custom Lanyards to Hold ID Cards

Another great reason as to why they are essential is because they are fantastic for holding items. The attachments on the lanyards can hold a variety of items, not only IDs, keys and tags as previously mentioned but USBs, pens and also mobile phones. As long as the lanyard can hold the weight, you can attach the item! What more could you want?

Promote Your Organisation With Lanyards

Lastly, but not least is that customised lanyards are a simple yet effective way to identify your staff, customers and other attendees. It is recommended that you use brightly coloured lanyards, similar to your company colours, as they are designed to make your company name or logo stand out.

There is no better product all-around than a promotional lanyard to have at your next business event.