In a world where germs rule all our events and day-to-day activities, it is important that you keep clean. This can be harder than it seems, so we recommend going hands-free with printed lanyards. Here are the reasons why this is essential!

Hands Free Promotional Lanyard

Hands-Free Use

Since lanyards are worn around the neck, they offer the easiest way of being hands-free. This will save you time from going into your wallet to pull out your bacteria-ridden cards and IDs. It will also mean that you come in less contact with areas that can house germs, overall benefiting your time outside. Moreover, it means that a person looking at your credentials does not need to touch your cards or IDs. This is practice that will soon be adopted at multiple occasions so get a head start with useful lanyards.

Easy Storage for Identification

Lanyards are most commonly used at events and conferences. They can easily hold your ID and other relevant cards so that staff members can verify your details. This saves your time and more importantly physical contact. With the ability to visually see someone’s ID it is less likely that you could come in contact with a strain of COVID-19. This is one precaution that should be used in conjunction with other hygienic practices to prevent the spread of disease.

Great Form of Marketing

Our lanyards can be easily branded with your unique name or logo. Along the strip of the lanyard, we can utilise digital or screen printing to insert your brand. This can be customised in a variety of colours to ensure that your name stands out. Additionally, since visitors of events and conferences will be wearing this for hours on end, it is guaranteed to have your brand directly in the view of other members. Every time someone checks a visitor’s ID they will be greeted with your brand!