Typically, lanyards are used at big conferences or work functions as a means of promotion. However, lanyards actually serve a variety of purposes outside work-related events. Here are some unique uses of lanyards that you could take advantage of today!

Branded Lanyards for Other Events

Branded Lanyards as Identification

Lanyards are a great way to directly indicate who you are or what your qualifications are. Forget the hassle of having to dig through your wallet to show your ID, instead, you can just wear it!

Personalised Lanyards for Keys

Customising your lanyards with certain attachments means you will never lose your keys again. Even if you don’t wear the lanyard, having an extra accessory connected to your keys will ensure you don’t lose them! Having an easier way to hold them also makes them more accessible for everyday use.

Custom Lanyards for Sports

For those active people, carrying items in your pockets whilst running or exercising can be quite annoying. Sports lanyards are a great way of keeping important items like your ID or keys in one secure place. Also, compatible sports products like whistles or sunglasses are a must-have with the sports lanyard!

Protection and Security Logo Lanyards

Lanyards offer a fantastic means of protection and security, especially when travelling. Lanyards can be customised to fit larger important items like passports, travel documents or cash. Keeping these sensitive articles around your neck will mean that they will be out of reach of pick-pocketers.