Making full-colour promotional lanyards is a simple yet time-consuming task. Various mechanisms and machinery are used so that you can get proper sublimation and customisation on your lanyard. Here is a step by step explanation of how we make full-colour lanyards.

Full Colour Lanyard

Step 1

The first step is actually a preparation step. This involves feeding the lanyard straps into the industrial machine to make it smooth and shiny. This prepares the lanyard for pre-print. This step is important for the basis of the lanyard and cannot be overlooked.

Step 2

Next, the lanyard is heated to about 260 degrees Celsius which is similar to the sublimation heating. At this point, it is also checked to see whether it is straight and aligned and then it is passed through the machine again for the real printing and sublimation.

Step 3

Sublimation paper and ink is fed through the machines and printed on either one or both sides of the lanyard. The time for production is doubled when using both sides. This process continues until the job is complete. The machines work automatically and can even continue to sublimate the lanyards through the night until completion. 

Step 4

Finally, the lanyard is passed to a cutting section which separates the lanyards. Additionally, attachments are sewn on to finalise the product. And there you have a brief overview of the process of creating your full-colour lanyard.