These colourful and flexible straps worn as a loop around the neck, wrist or shoulder are best friends to your keys or identification cards. As the holiday season draws closer, the number of tasks that need to be completed keeps on increasing. At times, it might actually get overwhelming as there is seemingly too much to be done. Make your heart at ease by getting ample lanyards to go around.

Promotional Lanyards for Christmas Parties

There is no need for you to lose yourself in the sound of the stress and demands that come with event planning, hosting and managing during the festive season. For each event, you can get different coloured lanyards that will help make sure that your guests easily put them on without the fear of ruining their outfits. Also, you can consider the more subtle wrist lanyards as these are smaller and can easily blend in with any outfit.

Why You Should Buy Branded Lanyards

There are a great number of advantages as to why you should purchase lanyards this December but the most obvious ones include:

  • They are very cheap so can be bought in high quantities and since they are not perishable, the ones left over can be used during the course of the year.
  • Can be easily customised to include your company logo or the name of the event that you are using them for.
  • Possible to get your order supplied in festive colours so that the lanyards blend in with the theme and do not painfully stick out making guests uncomfortable.
  • Great for parties and expos throughout December because they can be colour coded or message labelled to differentiate each event.

These affordable cords come in different styles and materials. Consider getting them for badge identification as well as an electronic accessory this December.

Printed Lanyard