Traditionally lanyards are mostly used for schools, companies, conventions, promotional giveaways, at sporting events, at theme parks and parties. Though here are a few unique ways to make the most of your lanyards:

An awesome way you can use a custom lanyard is to help you hold a pen. I cannot tell you how many time I have misplaced my pens, now with a lanyard attached to them they will never go missing again. Pens can go on the ends of lanyards, which can help you make sure you always have a pen with you.


Being in such a fast paced society and mobile phones are the most important item used in many people’s lives. Having your cell phone secure and close to you at all times is a no-brainer to many. Well, a neck lanyard can allow you to carry the phone around your neck, so you don’t drop or lose it. If you don’t want the phone around your neck, there is also the option of a smaller lanyard around your wrist. To keep your phone nice and close to you.

Many can agree with me when I say losing your hat on a windy day and having to run after it is no fun. This neck lanyard can come in change that, offering an excellent way to carry around your hat. Your hat will no longer be blown off your head if attached to a lanyard the hat will be secure and you will not have to worry about potential losing a cap anymore.

Once again a lanyard can come in handy, using it to hold your water bottle around your neck. During a hike, run, bike ride, leisurely walk or anytime. Your water bottle can be taken with you anywhere, and you do not endure the hassle of having to hold it in your hand physically. With a lanyard, you can not worry about getting thirsty with a hassle free solution to bringing a drinking bottle out.


These are only a few ways that lanyards can be useful, and there are much more you can explore to help make life a little easier. Also if you’re considering using them as a promotional tool, you can offer them to your customers so they can enjoy using them in many different ways. Lanyards are something that the clients are sure to appreciate.