If you are familiar with lanyards, you are probably aware of their primary function which is for holding IDs, badges and other light objects for displaying or making them easily accessible. But aside from this functionality, you would probably notice that a lot of businesses use lanyards as a tool for making an impression on their customers. 

It really is smart, if you think about it. Without much effort you can use the lanyard to show off some personality, making it quite unique and distinctive. Here are some customised lanyards which will certainly make you look twice:

Pet Lovers Lanyard – they will certainly not make any mistake of wearing fur in front of you! 

Lanyards for A Cause – show your support for a cause close to your heart

Professional Lanyards – let them know you mean business at all times

Fun Lanyards – show off you are a kid at heart; ideal for businesses marketing to kids 

Fashionable Lanyards – These leather-made lanyards will bring out the diva in anyone

Sporty Lanyards – these lanyards are designed for tough times and usually used for displaying sponsors 

Beaded Lanyards – for brands who would like to exude a hip or cool image

Patriotic Lanyard – there is no reason why you cannot show your love for your country in a subtle but very proud manner