As we are slowly integrating back into society, you need to plan ahead for your future marketing and trade show events. Lanyards are a fantastic way to benefit attendees whilst offering you a mobile form of marketing. Consider going for custom lanyards imprinted with your unique brand or logo to take advantage of your upcoming event. Here are our various types and our favourite picks.

Bulk Branded Event Lanyards

Custom Decorated Lanyards

Rather than getting blank or pre-printed lanyards, consider investing in your own unique lanyard to gain that extra amount of marketing at your next event. Our custom printed lanyards offer the finishing touch to send your brand to new heights. Made from woven polyester and nylon materials, our lanyards are long-lasting, sturdy, and perfect for a trade show, university o-week or international conference. Coupled with your brand or logo, these lanyards are guaranteed to turn heads.

Bestsellers include: smooth nylon lanyards, double-ended lanyards, and logo emblazoned silicone lanyards.

Eco-Friendly Printed Lanyards

If you want your brand to represent the environment, look no further than these eco-friendly printed lanyards These lanyards are made from recycled materials, such as bootlace fibre. These are cost-effective products with huge marketing potential, perfect for charities, businesses or school events. These lanyards are easily attachable to identification cards or keys and are decorated with sublimation or screen printing to create a unique product. Raise awareness for environmentally positive practices with these lanyards.

Some examples include: eco bootlace thin lanyard, recycled PET logo branded lanyards, and thick woven conference lanyards.

Lanyard Card Holders and Accessories

To ensure that your guests are fitted with the best accessories, utilise these lanyard card holders. These promotional lanyards have the ability to slot in any shape card or badge to display one’s ID or other relevant credentials. This will save you money on having to print individual tickets by having people use their personal credentials as identifiers. This is a great tool to complement your custom lanyards and get the maximum amount of promotion at your next event.

Some accessories include: card holders, badge holders, and badge holder wallets.