When most people think of event lanyards they imagine a fabric cord with their logo decoration. However, sometimes absorbent materials aren't ideal for your event, or perhaps you're looking for a lanyard that truly standards out. When you want a lanyard that boasts these differences, you'll definitely want to check out our logo emblazoned silicone lanyards.

Choose Silicone Promotional Lanyards

Custom Lanyards With a Point of Difference

One of the major complaints we get about cotton or bamboo fibre lanyards is that they need washing after a while because of their tendency to stain and smell after being worn during hot outdoor events or long periods in the office. While washing your lanyard is as simple as gentle popping it into some warm water with mild cleaning detergent, sometimes that simply isn't an option. Enter silicone lanyards that are non-absorbent and can be wipe-down cleaned with ease.

Lightweight, Sturdy Promo Products

Another highlight of these funky promotional lanyards is that they are extremely lightweight, meaning they're unlikely to weigh you down throughout the day -- which is important if you're working at an event, competing at a sports match, or going about your everyday office duties. You can also select your choice of optional attachments for a small additional cost, ensuring that your silicone lanyard is customised to meet your exact needs.

Cheap Delivery Options Available

And finally, custom decorated silicone lanyards are available in just as many colour options as their standard fabric cousins. We have some locally stocked silicone lanyards here in Australia to cater to rush orders, but if you're looking for the best value on these great ID holders, you'll definitely want to choose our 3-4 week production option for the lowest possible price.

There you have it, promotional silicone lanyards are a great option to choose for any Australian event where you need bulk goodies to hand out to attendees or staff. Contact our friendly sales team for more information on our range of stock.