Australians use something like one and a half million tonnes of plastic every year, and yet less than half of this is recycled. That means a huge amount of plastic goes into landfill. Worse, plastics are made from petrochemicals derived from oil -- a non-renewable resource -- and leech toxins into the environment. 

So what can consumers do to help? Well, one simple way is to buy materials made out of recycled plastic. A bigger market for recycled plastic means that more plastic gets recycled, so less of it ends up in our landfill and waterways. If your organisation needs lanyards, choosing our eco-friendly lanyards is a small but significant step you can take to help the cause of recycling, and show customers and staff alike that you value environmental protection.

Made From Recycled Materials

Our eco-friendly lanyards are made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate or PET. PET is the substance that most single-use bottles are made of, used to sell water, juice, cordial and soft drink. Vast amounts of new PET are produced in spite of the fact that it is one of the most easily recycled plastics available. This stems from the fact that many people are resistant to drinking from recycled PET bottles, in spite of the fact that it is perfectly safe to do so.

This is where PET fibres come in. Recycled PET can be spun into strong, waterproof polyester fibres, which are used to make waterproof cloth, fleece clothing and, of course, eco-friendly lanyards. This makes eco-friendly lanyards ideal for community groups (especially groups with a green focus), environmentally conscious businesses, schools that want to teach ecological values, government organisations or any group that would like to show the world that it respects the environment.

Best of all, recycled eco-friendly lanyards are just as strong and durable as other lanyards, and come in a wide range of styles, colours and designs. Good looking, long lasting and eco-friendly -- it doesn't get much better than that!