Lanyards are surprisingly useful items. Intended for carrying small items where they can be seen, people also use them for tagging and identifying small, easily lost items such as keys, USBs, pens and phones. This means there’s a demand for these inexpensive, lightweight and easily branded items – and the savvy promoter is ready to take advantage of that.

We brand lanyards in a whole range of styles and colours. By stocking our products locally and branding in Australia, we keep costs down and delivery times quick. In this way, we can ensure you have cheap, high-quality lanyards quickly for all your promotional needs, including some applications that you might not have considered.

Printed Lanyards as Vendor Giveaways

Presenting at a convention or having a booth at a trade show are both wonderful ways to promote your business – so long as the message that you have crafted does not get forgotten. That’s why branded promotional giveaways are so popular. By giving people something tangible to remember you by, you reinforce your message.

Lanyards are a terrific form of vendor giveaway. Branded lanyards can be handed to customers, slipped into a giveaway bag or combined with branded pens. Inexpensive and lightweight, they are easily transported between conventions, and they pack down well for storage when not needed.

Branded Lanyards as Souvenirs

Lanyards with badge holders are a great way to identify people, which means that they are used on a variety of tour types. Given their low unit-price, lanyards can simply be given away at the tour’s end, leaving your customers with a useful free souvenir.

Promotional Lanyards as School Gifts

With a range of colour possibilities available, it’s easy to get lanyards in your school colours, and printed with your school crest or motto. They make wonderful giveaways at school open days or university orientation days.