These days, we have a huge range of options for security doors. Gone are the days of big bunches of keys, but instead we have to deal with big bunches of security cards. How do we keep these cards ready when we need to use them? Well, lanyards are a good start, but they can become problematic in situations where the cards need to be used often in the course of the day. They can also run into problems if they have to hold an identity card and a passcard together.

So another strategy is to use retractable badge holders. These are neat little metal or plastic boxes that clip to your belt or pocket. Inside is a spool of strong but thin cord, ending in a clip. You can attach your passcard to the end of the clip, so it's ready when you need to use it. Then, you just gently pull the cord to extend it and swipe or tap your card. Once that is done, a spring inside the holder will make the spool rewind, returning your card to its original position.

Custom Printed Badge Holders

Badge holders are extremely popular in hospitals, tech facilities and universities -- anywhere that requires employees to use their passcards a lot, or several different passcards. They can even hold keys as well as cards -- which many people find a difficult proposition when using a lanyard.

Best of all, the wide flat shape of the main body of the badge holder makes an excellent space for branding. With the option of either pad printing that area of decorating it with a branded sticker, badge holders are a great way to keep your logo in view. This makes badge holders excellent additions to work uniforms, as well as a popular low-price giveaway item at conferences and trade shows.