Lanyards are a simple means of promotion that often go overlooked due to lack of flare or appeal. However, lanyards have been proven to be one of the most effective means of marketing thanks to their minimalistic style. Here are the uses of bulk branded lanyards in the office and the means for potential further exposure.

A Promotional Lanyard in an Office

Forms of Identification

Most notably, lanyards are used as a means of identification. This can be as simple as an attachment to hold someone’s ID card to a branded lanyard that features your company name around the loop. Due to its accessibility, lanyards will continue to be used in the office and will offer fantastic marketing exposure for your brand. Try to couple this with a lanyard attachment to maximise brand promotion.

Advantage of Constant Promotion

Despite having a simple design, lanyards frequently grab the attention of onlookers. The purpose of a lanyard is not to be flashy or intricate, but rather to showcase your brand in an easy and digestible way. As promotional concepts evolve and overwhelm your clients and customers, lanyards continue to act as a fundamental form of marketing due to their constant presence when worn by a user.

Forming Brand Identity

Utilising lanyards as a corporate gift is an excellent way to build brand identity amongst your employees and staff. This becomes increasingly important when your office team leaves the building, visits or partakes in trade shows, exhibitions, or marketing campaigns. It becomes easy to identify your staff members in a crowd and is proven to be an effective method of having your brand recognised and remembered. This also builds your brand reputation in the eyes of a customer or client.